Shola Market: Maybe you saw Shola Market on the CNN Parts Unknown episode with Anthony Bourdain or you stumbled across it on TripAdvisor. But Go Addis tours have been visiting Shola Market since we opened our doors in early 2013 and we’ve built great relationships with the vendors.

Shola is a much more manageable and quaint version of Merkato and is full of textiles, raw and ground spices, green coffee, baskets, clay pottery, live chickens and more. Check out a photoblog of Shola here.

Please note: Shola is much quieter on Sundays with about half of the market closed.

This add-on is $20 USD per person and is only offered in conjunction with our Food Tour. 

Wine Sampling: We now offer wine tastings in partnership with Ethiopia’s newly established premier winery, the Rift Valley Wines.

We’ll sample three of the Rift Valley Wines and learn about their production. This is a casual, basic wine sampling to give you an introduction to Ethiopian Wines. To learn more about wine production in Ethiopia check out our blog.

The tasting is $20 USD a person and is only offered in conjunction with our tours. When booked on the Full Day Tour, this add-on takes the place of the last tour stop. 

Note: Add-ons are a one hour extension to our tours.
For the 4pm food tour, add-ons start before the tour at 2:30pm (Shola Market add-on) and 2:45pm (Wine Sampling add-on). 

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