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Go Addis was founded by Eliza Richman and Xavier Curtis in January, 2013.

Between the two of us we have over 25 years of hospitality experience; we love to travel, each of us has visited over 35 countries and lived on three continents; and we both have experience working in the tourism industry in Ethiopia prior to becoming tour operators in Ethiopia for Go Addis.

Eliza has been eating Ethiopian food since infancy. Lemmy, her beloved Ethiopian nanny and her second mom, lived with Eliza’s family in Washington, DC from when Eliza was 2 months old until she went to college. Lemmy is still a big part of her family and the reason Eliza and Xavier moved to Ethiopia.

Go Addis leads tours that no one else offers, has strong relationships with local business owners and takes pride in offering incredible customer service.

In May of 2016, we launched Go Kigali Tours in Kigali, Rwanda.

Eliza Richman & Xavier Curtis
Photo by Xavier Gibert

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