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We’ve got a couple of pizza spots we love in Addis, but our #1 is Effoi. There’s nothing better than an evening outside on their picnic tables with cold beers at their Chechinia location.

We also can’t get enough of their spicy coch-chocha sauce. Made of green chilies, garlic and salt, this spicy sauce is what makes pizza in Ethiopia so good. (And the reason pizza sometimes seems boring when back in the states!)


Coch-cocha and beer :)  Coch-cocha and beer 🙂


Our favorite pizzas at Efoi?

Chechinia: ground beef and green peppers (top).

Merkato: veggies (potatoes, spinach, eggplant, tomato, and more) with cheese (middle).

Diaspora: salami, green peppers, and cheese (bottom).



Don’t forget to end your meal with the super sweet tea with fresh mint.

They have a second branch in Old Airport that serves sandwiches and salads as well and have also opened up a third branch in Kazanchis. At the Efoi Green in Old Airport we opt for the Ras Dashen sandwich: warm roast beef and cheese on brown bread. But our favorite thing to get there is the salad made from kinche, a grain similar to a bulgar. We haven’t found anything like it elsewhere in Addis.

Now excuse us while we go eat pizza.


Effoi Pizza

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