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'Beyaynetu' - a vegan platter ‘Beyaynetu’ – a vegan platter


Moringa is our favorite neighborhood spot.

Moringa, also known as cabbage leaf and poised to become one of the world’s next superfoods, is now the namesake of hundreds of shops in Addis ranging from pharmacies, to restaurants to cafes.

Our Moringa serves excellent home cooked Ethiopian food.

Their specialty is beyaynetu, a vegan fasting platter, served on Wednesdays and Fridays when Ethiopian Orthodox Christians eat vegan. You can’t find a spot inside or out between noon and 1pm on those days.

Moringa is located on the bottom floor of a large condominium complex on the main road of the Gerji neighborhood. On busy days, plastic stools spill out into the condominium courtyard out back. Before lunchtime, this area is occupied by charcoal-burning stoves where ladies put the final touches on all of the different options offered on their beyaynetu.

Moringa also makes a really great kai wot (sheep stew rich in berbere) and dulet (ground raw meat and innards).

'Kai Wot' ‘Kai Wot’ 'Dulet' ‘Dulet’

Their injera is made fresh at owner Tigist’s house daily and delivered to the restaurant each morning. She’s a caring, humble restauranteur who quietly goes above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied.

They also deliver within walking distance. Traditional platters of Ethiopian food show up at your door within minutes. The waitress lifts off the woven top she used to protect the food while crossing the street and leaves the plate for you and comes back later when she’s knows you’ll be finished.


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