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Alem Buna is hands down our favorite cafe in Addis Ababa. Not only is the coffee spectacular, but they also sell kilos of their ‘special blend’ which we buy in bulk and traffic across international borders.

A macchiato is 7 birr ($0.35 USD) including tax, so we’d file that under “affordable,” even if you have three, like we sometimes do.  Even after just one you’re jacked up and ready to take on the world.

The macchiatos come pretty dark, so no need to order a black macchiato here.  The coffee is chocolatey, fruity and balanced.

Our favorite location is in Kazanchis. The interior is wood and the place is almost always so packed you find yourself sharing a table with other caffeine-addicted patrons. And if you are there before 10am or so, and need a bite to eat, their lentil sambusas are great – they sell out by mid-morning!


Best Cafe in Addis Ababa

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