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We could sing the praises of our local grain, teff, for days if you gave us the soap box.

Besides being the star of almost every meal in Ethiopia (yup, we’re talking about injera), this tiny little grain is a nutritional powerhouse. One cup of cooked teff has more calcium than a cup of milk, twice as much iron as wheat and barley, and more protein than almost any other grain. It’s packed full of lots of other minerals, like phosphorus and magnesium, and is 100% gluten-free. To top it all off, teff is so tiny that the hull cannot be removed which means it’s a great, whole grain.

We eat a ton of teff in the form of injera here in Addis — practically at every meal. But when we’re not giving our food tours or exploring new restaurants in town you’ll probably find us experimenting a little with using this local grain. (We even used it in our Thanksgiving pumpkin pie crust!) While it can get difficult with the altitude, which makes baking a lot more complicated, we plan to see how teff fairs in some gluten-friendly seasonal classics, like Sunday morning pancakes, after-dinner cookies, and even some crackers for our cheese board. It’s going to be a delicious and healthy couple of months!

Take a look at some recipes from around the web that have been inspiring our own kitchen adventures:

1) Teff Blueberry Pancakes with Chia and Millet

Let them eat pancakes…but sneak some of the healthy stuff in there. Teff is the base for this recipe that also combines the whole-goodness of millet and chia. (via New York Times)

2) Teff Flour Fruit and Nut Crackers

Holiday parties always have the requisite cheeseboard on the potluck table. Add these delicious and nutty teff crackers for the perfect gluten-friendly cheese vessel. (via Drum Beets)

3) Teff Almond Butter Cookies

Don’t deny yourself cookies…ever. And hey, if they’re made with teff you can call them healthy, right? (via Salted Plains)

4) Blueberry Pie with Teff Crust

Even the skeptics won’t be able to resist this gluten-free take on a classic holiday pie. (via Doctor Oz)

5) Rosemary Millet-Teff Dinner Rolls

Why have only one whole-grain when you can have two? Combine millet and teff to make your homemade bread. Boom. (via Book of Yum)

6) Pecan Streusel Teff Loaf

While not strictly gluten-free, this teff and flour loaf combines the best of both worlds to make an utterly decadent treat. The non-believers won’t even know the difference. (via Kumquat Blog)

7) Teff Date Bread

Dates and teff make for a hearty and not-too-sweet treat that is healthy enough for breakfast or post dinner. Not to mention it’s gluten-free and vegan! (via Gluten Free Vegan Pantry)

8) Teff Pumpkin Bread

Perfect for the season but less guilt than the average pumpkin treat, this loaf uses teff as its main ingredient to add an inspired twist on the classic seasonal flavors. (via Hello Natural)

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