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Been on the road for too long? Longing for a taste of America? Want to get away from the dust and crowds of the streets of Addis Ababa? Then, Sishu is your spot.

It’s an unassuming warehouse with just a small sign reading ‘Sishu’, but for expats and wealthier Ethiopians it’s a mecca.

Inside you could easily be in Brooklyn, NY.

And the burgers here, unlike most in Ethiopia, are thick and juicy and absent of breadcrumbs and weird spices. And they are even cooked to your preferred temperature, meaning you can actually get a medium rare burger!

We ordered 4 burgers: a bacon burger, a barbecue burger, a butter burger and a butter burger with cheese.

There are sandwiches on the menu, but I’ll be honest that we didn’t even look twice at them. We’ve been here enough to know that their specialty is burgers, plain and simple.

The bacon on the bacon burger was decent, although a bit too dry. But, we haven’t found better bacon in Addis Ababa, except maybe at Kozi.

The barbeque sauce was heavy on the black pepper, which we loved. But overall, it was our least favorite burger. There was just too much sauce.


Butter Burger with Cheese Butter Burger with Cheese


The butter burger with cheese outshined the regular butter burger and had us licking our fingers. The butter burger with cheese was also cooked a perfect medium rare, where the normal butter burger was a bit overcooked.

Burgers are served with French fries, homemade ketchup and a special burger sauce. We’re addicted to this stuff.

The French fries are stringy and great, although sometimes just slightly undercooked. But the butter that drips off the butter burger onto the fries is worth the drive alone.

When we go back, which is too often to admit, we’ll stick with the butter burger with cheese every time. It’s about on par with a Shake Shack burger, although the homemade ketchup and special sauce and locally raised beef send it over the edge for us. Plus, when you compare it to what else is available in Addis, it blows the competition out of the water.

We did take a peek at the dessert section of the menu and ordered one of each, you know, for research. Our favorite was the Flourless Chocolate Cake. The quality of the chocolate was sublime, making for a rich and memorable dessert. The strawberry tart was also wonderful with nice custard filling, a buttery crust and fresh strawberries.


Sishu's Desserts: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate Cake & Raisin Carrot Cake Sishu’s Desserts: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate Cake & Raisin Carrot Cake


The Chocolate Chip Cookie was a bit too cakey for us, but the Raisin Carrot Cake was surprisingly moist and a nice light dessert.

Oh, and grab a baguette too. They’re delicious and travel well.

The nearest commonly known landmark is Adam’s Pavilion roundabout. Sishu is located southeast of the circle behind a green-blue glass building with “Worke’s Promise” in red letters. GM Furniture is on the first floor.

Sishu is open Tuesday – Thursday from 11am to 6pm; Friday and Saturday from 11am to 8pm and closed on Mondays. After tax and service charge, burgers range from 130 birr to 235 birr. Desserts range from 25 birr to 70 birr.




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