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Happen to catch the CNN Parts Unknown Ethiopia episode with Anthony Bourdain? Addis Eats was their on the ground guide to restaurants and markets in Addis and we sent Bourdain and chef Marcus Samuelsson to Kategna for their opening scene of the show.

With one of the most diverse and extensive Ethiopian menus in town, traditional, yet chic décor and packed to the gills with Ethiopians, Kategna is one of the city’s marquee restaurants. Located across from Millenium Hall (there is another location on Meskal Flower road, although we much prefer the Bole location), this restaurant is a must for any tourist or Addis local. (They’ve now opened a new branch in the original location that is more upscale than the other two locations and is a place to see and be seen.)

Favorites from the menu include gomen be siga (collard greens stewed with butter and beef), dinich be siga wot (potatoes and beef stewed with tons of berbere) with ayib (fresh cow’s milk cheese), and doro wot (chicken stew) which is one of Ethiopia’s most known dishes but quite hard to find in restaurants.

Vegan favorites include dirkosh firfir (dried injera sautéed with spices and oil — or butter for vegetarians) this is the best rendition of this dish in the city.

Kategna is also our favorite place for breakfast. Order the special ful, an Egyptian dish that’s found it’s way to Ethiopia via Sudan, but has taken on a totally different identity. Ful is a stew of fava beans with tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and scrambled eggs on top. Another favorite is chechebsa, homemade flat bread sauteed with butter and spices and served with yogurt and honey.

Besides the superb food, Ketegna’s best quality is the option to get half portions of any dish. For two hungry diners it is easy to taste three to four dishes if not more; a unique opportunity to create your very own Ethiopian tasting menu.

With roughly 300 customers any day of the week diners are assured fresh ingredients in every dish.

They also do a great coffee ceremony with popcorn.



All three locations below.


Kategna: Meskal Flower Road

Kategna: Bole Road

Kategna: Bole Medhanialem

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